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CAPE Economic Research and Consulting Ltd is an entity incorporated in Nigeria with RC 1188364. The firm comprises seasoned young professionals, both locally and internationally, with impeccable records in different fields such as economics, artificial intelligence, data and business intelligence analytics, agriculture, education, project evaluation, and monitoring among others. Our field of expertise cuts across all the sectors of the economy. Our team conducts research, breaks it down, and communicates it in a manner that provides useful information to our clients. 

The insecurity situation in Nigeria has been on the increase in Nigeria since 2011. The animation below reveals the number of deaths reported from indiscriminate violent incidents perpetrated by Boko Haram/ISWAP, State Actors (military and police officers), Sectarian Actors (herdsmen, etc) kidnappings, robbery, and deaths resulting from other militant groups or situations. You can find a detailed report on the security tracking page. We source our data by conducting and analyzing online news reports/outlets using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence and also from the Center for Foreign Affairs, Our database is updated weekly. Watch out for our research and analysis on inflation, and sentiment analysis, among others.

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Economic Forecast

  1. Provide GDP forecast for each country.
  2. Provide an inflation forecast for each country.

Policy Uncertainty index

  1. monetary Policy.
  2. Fiscal policy.
  3. Insecurity

Economic Policy Sentiments

  1. Corruption pessimistic index.
  2. Political pessimistic index.
  3. Economic optimism index.
  4. Firm profitability index
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Market and Financial Analysis

  1. Scorecard.
  2. Risk assessment and analysis

Natural Resources and Environmental Research

Climate change related research

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Quantitative & statistical analysis.