Country specific economic outlook has remained a major indicator of measuring economic growth and development and because standard of measurement for growth and development does not only cover spectrum of industry and sectorial outputs but also how these outputs affect every citizen on the globe. Therefore, it become imperative to identify and analyze the growth drivers and create block of forecasting that accurately provides recommendations on how relative outputs in different sectors yield    significant results.  We understand the underlying macroeconomic principles and apply varying macroeconomic models which includes agent-based macroeconomic computations models, dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models, empirical forecasting models etc. Our aim is to identify economic agent as part of an economy, classify and aggregate economic variables and subject the entire economy to a general equilibrium approach.  We forecast to evaluate consequences of economic agents’ actions in the whole economy, and we provide recommendations based on our trusted judgment of analysis. Our research team computational skills are exceptional, our applied approaches are unique and our research findings and results provide necessary information our clients need to implement necessary change. We use both machine learning algorithms and macroeconomic models such as Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium, structural and nonstructural VARS to predict the future direction of the economy before policymaker can decide which policy to adopt.
1.Macroeconomic modeling.
2.Forecasting and predicting macroeconomic indicators

Policy Uncertainty Index
monetary Policy.
Fiscal policy.

Economic Policy Sentiments
Corruption pessimistic index.
Political pessimistic index.
Economic optimism index.
Firm profitability index

Market And Financial Analysis
Risk assessment and analysis

Natural Resources and Environmental Research
Climate Change Related Research

Survey Research, Analysis, and Evaluation
Quantitative & Statistical Analysis