Security Charts

Below are the state-by-state security plots by incidents and deaths in Nigeria. The Boko Haram-terrorist- are very active in the northern part of the country but there are other extrajudicial killings by the military men and the police force. In this chart, you can scroll across the plots and filter the incidents and death by state and by type of violent actors.

The security data reported here are the  information from news outlets over the internet, using our advanced machine learning algorithms-web scraping, as well as data sources from the Council of Foreign Relations.

Violence Types

  • Boko Haram
  • Kidnapping 
  • Election-Related Actors
  • Sectarian Actor (Herdsmen,  Niger Delta Militant group). 
  • State Actors (Extrajudicial incidents such as military and police).
  • Other Armed Actors  ( Bandit and other violent incidents not in any of the actors reported above. ).
  • Others not captured above.

You can download the full data here