Our team list 2

  • Shourish Chakravarty

    Economic Modeling & Forecast Consultant
    Shourish has a wealth of experience in applying economic tools to both theoretical and practical phenomena....
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  • Wole

    Finance professional
    Wole is a Finance professional with more than a decade of corporate finance, planning and strategy experience....
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  • Emmanuel Omotayo Akande

    Team Lead, Economic Modeling & Forecast
    I lead a team of people with a great passion for research to solve economic policy and business enterprise-related...
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  • Shakir Tewogbade

    Data Analytics Consultant
    With an emerging passion for data analysis, Shakir has just been admitted for MSc Big Data Science and...
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  • Ayobami Edun

    Data/Business Analyst (Volunteer)
    I have about 4 years of experience in designing machine learning algorithms to solve myriad problems....
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We are looking for proactive professionals with extensive business expertise and a high level of personal involvement to join our team. Send your CV now.