Our Team

  • Shourish Chakravarty

    Economic Modeling & Forecast Consultant

    Shourish has a wealth of experience in applying economic tools to both theoretical and practical phenomena. He is currently a research scientist/postdoctoral...

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  • Wole

    Finance professional

    Wole is a Finance professional with more than a decade of corporate finance, planning and strategy experience. He has helped companies in Africa raise the...

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  • Emmanuel Omotayo Akande

    Team Lead, Economic Modeling & Forecast

    I lead a team of people with a great passion for research to solve economic policy and business enterprise-related issues. We build our models to create a Midas...

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  • Shakir Tewogbade

    Data Analytics Consultant

    With an emerging passion for data analysis, Shakir has just been admitted for MSc Big Data Science and Technology from Bradford University, UK. He is ready...

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  • Ayobami Edun

    Data/Business Analyst (Volunteer)

    I have about 4 years of experience in designing machine learning algorithms to solve myriad problems. These problems range from fault detection in energy systems,...

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