Who we are

CAPE Economic Research and Consulting Ltd is an entity incorporated in Nigeria with RC 1188364. The firm comprises seasoned young professionals, both locally and internationally, with impeccable records in different fields such as economics, artificial intelligence, data and business intelligence analytics, agriculture, education, project evaluation, and monitoring among others. Our field of expertise cuts across all sectors of the economy. Our team conducts research, breaks it down, and communicates it in a manner that provides useful information to our clients. In view of this, we strive to provide evidence-based solutions to clients’ needs and ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Through a thrust of skills and potentials drawn from academia and industry, CAPE Economic Research and Consulting’s mission is to build a reputation for the quality of information we extract from data to understand and solve the economic and non-economic challenges that confront our society now and future needs.

To become a leading research and consulting firm that leverages the strengths and skills of its team to meet clients’ needs and objectives through research and consulting.

We are foreign and local trained professionals with vast experience in econometric and statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and survey design analysis. Our team is drawn from both academic, consulting, financial, and non-financial sectors with a strong background in quantitative and non-quantitative research areas. We take joy in what we do and derive passion from helping our clients achieve their business objectives because our team’s strengths are unique to differentiated training, talents, and experience.

We carve a niche in the market place because we:

  • Have hands-on work experience working both nationally and internationally.
  • Harness highly skilled researchers, industry, academic, and consulting experts.
  • Focus on value creation and business outcomes.
  • Leverage our technology to extract information from any form of data, structured or unstructured.
  • Promote an innovative culture in reporting economic and non-economic outcomes of policies and every action of economic and business agents or actors.
  • Provide an enabling environment for capacity development.
  • Build trust-based partnering relationships with academic research centers locally and internationally.